Outsourced marketing manager or your own hired marketing manager?

Outsourced marketing manager or your own hired marketing manager?

Managing the marketing of a company is a key part of a successful business. Is it worth using an outsourced marketing manager or perhaps hiring your own? Making the right choice depends on your company's needs, resources, and strategy. An outsourced marketing manager can be an attractive option, especially for small and medium-sized businesses that want flexibility and cost efficiency.

In this comparison, we weigh the pros and cons of both options.


Outsourcing a marketing manager


  • Flexibility: An outsourced marketing manager offers a flexible option. You can hire them when needed with no long-term commitment or fixed hours.
  • Experience in many fields: An outsourced marketing manager has worked in a variety of companies and many industries, bringing extensive experience and diverse expertise. Wannado Marketing's marketing manager also has the flexibility to deploy a full team of technical, communication and visual experts.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Outsourcing can be more economically advantageous than hiring your own marketing manager because you only pay for the work done, and no salary and personnel side costs are incurred.



  • Distance from company: The outsourced marketing manager is not physically present in the company, which can make it difficult for the team to collaborate and interact. Therefore, it's worth buying a sufficient number of hours so that the outsourced marketing manager can genuinely add value to your business.
  • Distance from company culture: An outsourced marketing manager needs time to become familiar with the company's culture and values. With enough hours, an outsourced marketing manager will embrace your company's brand and integrate as part of the team.
  • Dependence on an outside party: A company may feel that they are at the mercy of the outsourced marketing manager. This is helped by choosing a partner who is truly flexible and cooperative - as is the case with recruiting your own employees.

Hiring your own marketing manager


  • Internal expertise: Your own marketing manager can be completely dedicated to the company and know its culture and needs excellently.
  • Real-Time attendance: An internal marketing manager is always available and can work closely with other team members.
  • Long-term commitment: When you hire your own marketing manager, you can expect long-term commitment and the opportunity to develop solid internal marketing expertise.


  • Higher costs: Your own marketing manager incurs salary and side expenses such as vacations, sick leave and other benefits.
  • Time consuming recruitment process: Recruiting the right talent can be time consuming and require a lot of resources. Even after several rounds of interviews, there is still a risk that things will not work out and the process can become burdensome.
  • Narrower competence: An internal marketing manager may have more limited experience and expertise in different areas of marketing. Does the competence of a paid marketing manager stay up to date and relevant? How much time and money do you need to set aside for training the marketing manager?

What does a marketing manager do?

The job description of a marketing manager depends entirely on the needs of your company. In general, the role of a marketing manager is often broad and varied. For example, they are responsible for planning marketing strategies, budgeting, managing campaigns and monitoring results.

Practical example: Let's imagine that your growing company wants to launch a new product on the market. A marketing manager can:

  • Develop a comprehensive goal-oriented marketing plan that includes product positioning, target audience strategy, and selection of marketing channels.
  • Create a powerful website and launch a multi-channel digital campaign on Google and Facebook.
  • Monitor campaign performance using an advertising platform and Google Analytics, as well as make the necessary optimizations.
  • Regularly report on results and, if necessary, make changes to the strategy.

A marketing manager has a broad understanding of marketing opportunities, tools and solutions. Often, however, they have some special area of their own that they have delved into. The strengths of a marketing manager can include visual design, brand management or marketing technologies, for example.

How much does a marketing manager pay?

The gross salary of a full-time marketing manager in Finland is on average 4000—6000 € per month (sources: Duunitori, Oikotie, Salksavertailu.com). The hourly rate for an outsourced marketing manager starts at 68€/h from Wannado Marketing.

In order for an outsourced marketing manager to serve as a key member of your team, we recommend investing enough monthly hours. A minimum of 40 hours per month allows for a smooth flow of information and productive, goal-oriented work. This means that a marketing manager can create marketing strategies and campaigns that are fully aligned with your company's goals and vision. In addition, they can react quickly to changing situations and make the necessary adjustments to the strategy.

Do you need a flexible marketing partner? With Wannado Marketing, you don't have to commit to fixed monthly expenses or long contract periods. Contact us and let's map the situation so you can get a competitive offer from us!

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