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The original problemsolving service

Wannado Group has been supporting the daily operations of growth companies in various ways since 2011. In 2023 the marketing services were made into their own entity Wannado Marketing Oy.

We started from Finland, but our team, clients and cooperation partners are all over the world. Because the world has so much to offer, both in life and business.

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Mission: Enabling international trade for SME's

Wannado's core customer groups have always been entrepreneurs and growth companies. We believe that entrepreneurship should be wonderful, worklife should be flexible and outsourcing should be profitable.

Judging by the diverse customer base, this mantra speaks to players of all sizes across industry boundaries. Our extensive network extends from Finland to Europe and the United States.

We are a completely location-independent employer and have entities  in several countries. We are passionate about international projects, artificial intelligence and solving business bottlenecks.



Cooperation works best when everyone is involved  in the way they want to be.

We do not artificially bind customers to ourselves with rigid long contracts, but instead we provide flexible pay-as-you-go-service.

For our talents we enable a life of flexible work where-ever they and their loved ones are happy.


Hourly pricing with 10 minute billing accuracy means that you only pay for the work done.

We evaluate each project individually, and our time estimates are always maximum estimates.

Your invoice includes an accurate breakdown of work tracking - most often the invoice total is a positive surprise.


Everything we do is aimed to create growth to our customers, because it means growth for us as well.

That is why we have accumulated a lot of expertise in the areas of business development, public funding and internationalization.

Scaling up is considerably easier with an experienced partner.

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Work for us?

As a full-service digital agency, we are always looking for a variety of marketing and communication talents. Do you recognize a commercial thinker in yourself? Do you understand digital marketing solutions and know how to implement them to suit your customer's needs? Are you fluent in English? If you answered yes to any of these, then we could be a match!

Choose the most suitable role from our recruitment portal and fill out an application!

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