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Are you looking for a marketing agency with no fixed costs or rigid long contracts? You're in the right place.


Digital marketing

We offer business-oriented digital marketing, targeting the right channels with the right message. Social media upkeep, paid advertising, SEO, annual plans - everything from strategy to implementation and reporting.

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We build SEO-friendly, accessible websites that accelerate sales for your business. We often work with WordPress, Webflow and Wix, but all platforms are can-do. While we're at it, we'll set up GDPR-compliant tracking, analytics, integrations and automations.

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Design and media

We implement visuals that match your brand in print and digital form. All kinds: logo design, templates, animations, promotional videos, publishing layouts, trade fair materials, packaging design, UI/UX design and other fabulous creatives.

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With over 10 years of experience, we offer all international services for SME's entering Europe or the USA: market research, marketing, sales and business landing. With local experts and native speakers, of course.  

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About Us

Our agency is as easy as a freelancer

The Wannado service model is designed to meet the changing needs of growth companies. Get quick help from a familiar contractor when you need it, and the contract is flexible to suit your needs. Work won't get stuck with one person, as the hive mind of 60 specialists can accommodate illness and holiday leave, if necessary.

Our pricing is based on actual hours worked, and you always get an upfront hourly estimate of the desired work. We can also agree on a monthly budget that will not be exceeded without a check with you first.


This is how we do things differently

Wannado tietokone


You can buy as much marketing from us as you need, when you need it and exactly for the job you need. You don't need to commit to fixed monthly expenses or fixed-term packages. You buy work as needed.

Openness and transparency

Pricing according to time used allows you to pay only for the work done. The work is priced based on the skills and experience required. Our billing works with an accuracy of 10 minutes. No wasted time!

International experience

We are a truly international partner and export specialist. Wannado employs specialists in many countries and we have been involved in the global conquest of dozens of SME's. Where do you want to go?

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The following steps

! 1
Call, email or fill out our contact form.
! 2
Let's meet and talk through your situation.
! 3
You will receive a tailored proposal and offer, which you can sign electronically.
! 4
A kick-off meeting confirming the division of work, schedules and other details.
! 5
Let's get to work!

What they say about us

Susanna Rossi

People Cloud Ltd.

“Wannado has implemented a brand update, LinkedIn training, a website and a customer survey for us. All the time content is generated for the website and for the newsletter. In joint meetings, the overall marketing and strategic direction are discussed. Wannado's professionals are an integral part of our team.”

Vera Wallgren

FranklinCovey Sweden Ltd

“We needed translation assistance for our international coaching platform under considerable time pressure. A partner was needed to proofread the machine translation for a massive amount of educational leadership material. It was a relief when Wannado presented a translator who had studied our field and vocabulary! The collaboration was swift and communication was proactive throughout the project. I can recommend this service!”

Anu Hämäläinen

Basware Corporation

“Wannado provides help on a fast schedule when its needed. We have used wannadoers, for example, to help us with our events, to manage our info-emails and to support various marketing projects. The work always runs smoothly, reliably and with high quality, requiring very little customer time or interference — of course, a good briefing is always needed. I have been very pleased with the positive team and the brisk work that has genuinely added value to us. I will not give up this service partner!”

Anna Saastamoinen

Finnish Youth for Understanding Association

“Thank you, we got a long-standing problem with google analytics resolved and taken care of. I work in marketing on my own, and in no way know how to solve all the possible issues that come up in front of me myself. It was great to have the problem that had been stressing out for a long time, and it was especially nice to feel that I was not alone but that I had the expert support from Wannado, someone could help and fix the situation instead of constant guesswork.”

Heidi Huttunen

City of Helsinki

“Wannado's Instagram training was really good and gave a lot of great tips on how to use Instagram. The training was attended by different types of Instagram users and everyone was sure to get something new with them from the training. The presentation was clear and well structured, thank you!”

Pekka Ketonen

Apomera AB

“For a growth company, Wannado is an excellent solution, I highly recommend! Flexible outsourcing works when there is a need to scale or if there are clear entities where you would otherwise need help. For us, Wannado has been one of the most important enablers of growth.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers

Why do you guys have hourly pricing?

Because it is flexible and easy. You only pay for the work done within an accuracy rate of 10 minutes. With hourly pricing, you can also quickly change or end the arrangement without any additional costs.

Can I get a performance-based rate?

Yes, you can from another agency. We bill you for the time it takes to do the work, and we pay our specialists on the same basis. We think that's fair.

Why do you guys have it cheaper than agencies X or Y?

We are the doers. Clients pay us for the work done, not for fancy offices or hand-waving. We avoid unnecessary meetings and most of the time the client communicates directly with our specialist without other intermediaries. We simply have top-notch time management, laser-accurate prioritization skills and really low fixed costs. Time is money!

A reputable freelancer will do the work cheaper, why should I take from you?

With us, you can manage your own spend as easily as with a freelancer, but the work will never get stuck behind one person. The project is covered during holidays and in case of illness. In addition, no single person knows everything - all of our specialists take advantage of the support of our agile team.

Where do you get your professionals?

In a similar way to other employers. Dozens of applications come to our recruitment portal every week, and if necessary, we open a separate public call. About 70-80% of the professionals are on Wannado's payroll in Finland or abroad, and the rest are self-billing partners. Yes, we have foreign companies and partners. We are a very flexible employer, but ideally we want our staff to commit to us through an employment contract. This enables fast service and ad-hoc work for our clients.

How do you ensure quality?

In the same way as other employers. We do our homework in recruitment, check references and job samples, and interview more than once if necessary. We actively ask for customer feedback and review it with our team members. We take care of our employees' well-being at work and ensure relevant skills through training when necessary.

Do I have to project manage your entire team?

No. This is meant to be easy for you. You will get your own contact person who will coordinate with other Wannado specialists, if necessary. Of course, there are also times when it makes the most sense for a specialist to be in direct contact with you. Let's start cooperation by agreeing on communication channels, to best suit you.

Does my contact person change during the contract?

No. You get your own contact person with whom you communicate directly. They are your primary contact, coordinating with the rest of the Wannado team if necessary. Of course, people sometimes change jobs, but then we will together find the right successor for the job.

Where are you guys? I want to meet.

Let's start with where you are and see who we have in your area. Of course, we can always meet virtually, yes!

I got the bill even though the project isn't finished yet. Why?

We always bill for the actual time used on the tasks, and the bill is according to actual realized hours. We also pay salaries to the team on the same principle. We think that's fair.

Are you looking for a marketing job?

Good, because as a full-service digital agency, we are constantly looking for graphic designers, web developers, digital marketers and content creators. We employ both employees and subcontractors (freelancer), in Finland and around the world.

We are interested in the expertise that our customers expect from us. Situations can therefore change quickly, and first of all we always check applications from the Wannado recruitment portal. So get in touch and apply now!


Buy marketing according to your needs, when you need it. No commitments.

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Clients and work samples

Most of our work is ongoing collaboration as part of a client's team. Our clients come from all industries and we are pleased to support both growth entrepreneurs as well as large-scale global corporations.



Digital Recommendation and Survey Tool


Market Research for Spain



Global IT and Business Services Provider


Market Research for Germany


LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG

Catering and support services for air transport


Market research for Finland



Domestic web hosting


Outsourced Marketing Assistant


People Cloud

Digital service for IT subcontracting


Outsourced Marketing Manager


AMP Yhtiöt

Design and construction of business premises


Concept Design and Websites


Software Finland

A community of software companies


Brand reform and website


FranklinCovey Sweden

Business Management Coaching House


Learning platform translations


City of Helsinki


Instagram training



E-learning platform provider


Outsourced Marketing Manager


Koho Sales

Project Management System


Outsourced UI/UX and Graphic Designer