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Work for Wannado

We are the dream employer of digital nomads. We offer location-independent work, responsibility and free hours. Entrepreneurial freedom belongs to everyone!

Wannado | Et盲ty枚

What are we looking for?

We want people who thrive in the remote working community. You have to know English and be used to managing yourself and your own work. Our employees also work very entrepreneurially - we trust our people and everyone handles customer contacts independently.

In addition, we expect you to actively follow the trends in your field so that you can recommend the best solutions for our clients. You are eager to test the latest applications of artificial intelligence without prejudice and quickly adopt new tools.

Ultimately, it all depends on the wishes of our customers.

We rarely have the need to look for staff actively or open public calls, so it is worth leaving your information in the recruitment portal. Our recruiters use the portal as a primary source for new talent.

What are we offering?

Well, a truly location-independent job and the kind of life it brings you, wherever you want.

Wannado employs in several countries and on country-specific terms. For example in Spain, our employees are covered by Spanish labor law and receive compensation in accordance with the local collective bargaining agreement.

If needed, you can get a co-working membership if possible in your area. In Fuengirola, you can meet a bunch of sister companies wannadoers at the office, but marketers are spread all over Europe.

The quality of the employment relationship will be adjusted according to the situation: you can be paid a salary or you can bill us (freelancing). Tell us what you can do and in what country, and we'll see if we have a match!

Why people enjoy working for us

Remote first

We don't require presence at a physical office. Not even for one or two days a week, and certainly not for the sake of company culture.

Everything can be done remotely: sales, recruitment, development discussions, trainings and coffee conversations.

As long as the internet connection is strong and everyone is available as needed, the time difference is irrelevant.

Hive mind and equality

Although we are pioneers in remote work, no one works alone.

Slack is the beating heart of our company, where the joys and sorrows are shared 鈥 when everyone is remote, everyone is on the same line, and you won't be left out.

With us, you can also advance your career and gain responsibility, completely remotely.

Freedom and independence

We believe that the entrepreneurial freedom 聽belongs to everyone.

Our people have the freedom to choose which projects to take on and how they want to develop their role.

Entrepreneurial work and self-management is a new experience for many and can come as a shock.

Don't worry! We will support you, and you will rise like a fenix.

Leave your details in the recruitment portal, and your name will pop up when we need your skills!