International growth services

Are you ready to take your business abroad? Exports pay off, and we know how to build an international operation.

What can the world offer? Clients and growth.

The international market has huge potential for a wide range of businesses. For us, internationalization is not a risk, but a prerequisite for growth.

We offer growth companies native knowledge and wide experience of the European market.


Do it right to begin with, and make a solid plan. Our experienced international trade  specialists know the pitfalls and create a goal-oriented, realistic roadmap with you.

On-site support

We can be your boots on the ground. This is very helpful for running errands and handling local business bureaucracy especially if you are on another time zone.

Market Research

Internationalization requires a wide range of understanding of the target country and the target group. For this we have tested processes and operating models.

Business landing

We handle translations, localization and any operative tasks according to your needs. You will have access to our ready-made networks, partners and local experts to establish yourself in the market.

Let's go!
Get out into the world

Lots of good reasons to join the European market with Wannado!

You will draw on the genuine knowledge of experienced local entrepreneurs, and you will avoid the most common mistakes.
You get comprehensive, solid strategic support that will tell you honestly, if your idea doesn't work.
Forget the timezone trouble! We can be your boots on the ground, handling your business and communications while you sleep.
In many countries, for example, production is cheaper. We also work in several countries.
Some countries offer great lifestyles. We have a homebase both in Finland and in Spain.

One partner to handle the European operation with

Wannado tietokone

Strategy & planning

We will review your plans and concept, making sure you can proceed smoothly to execution without any legal or cultural misunderstandings.

Sales & marketing

Get digital marketing and translations from a native partner. With our own call center, we can also carry out multilingual sales operations.

Customer service

The phone is already ringing with foreign country codes and the chat started to 'ping' in foreign languages? We serve your customers by chat, phone and email in their own language.  

A lady with long dark hair is posing for the camera

Irina Viitala, international trade specialist

Wannado's founding partner, serial entrepreneur and experienced exporter, Irina, will help you with all the challenges of international growth. Her portfolio includes the coaching and execution of growth for dozens of SMEs.


International growth is possible, even desirable.